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Showing posts from January, 2006
Hmmm.... Resisted for a very, very, very long time. Do I need this in my life or am I using this to avoid other far more important things I SHOULD be doing? Like finishing and uploading my own webpage, finishing a printable version of a portfolio to apply to grad schools to become an adult at last in my 30's. Will it become an obsession, waste of time or just one more thing I begin and wonder away from? Will it in fact be positive? Will it force me to write something everyday--or relatively often--to look at my writing and rambling in a positive manner? Will I meet interesting people in the safety and anonymity of cyberspace? And what is the point of blogging anyway? Isn't it just egos on display--desperate cryings-out for imaginary connections, a sense of belonging? As someone I once knew quoted, "Someday web pages will be like asses. Everyone will have one, but not everyone will want to look at yours." Ah, well. Let's give it a try.