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Amazing Movie--Go See It

Long time no blog. More on that another time.

Felt I must write to say that The Children of Men, the new movie from director Alfonso Cuarón of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" and "Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban" is amazing. Rush to see it. It's based on a novel by British myster writer, P.D. James. It is, to my knowledge, her only science fiction novel. I read it about 12 years ago, and from just glancing at it last night after I got home, they changed it radically, but in many ways for the better. James has always suffered from a distance from her characters, similar to what I described below in Margaret Atwood. There is an intellectual coolness there which limits how emotionally involved the reader can be. This movie had none of that. It was visceral, and angry and agonizing and painful. It was also funny and tender. My husband and I both sobbed and very nearly whimpered towards the end it was so well made. Unfortunately, it is not a movie that everyone will get as it …