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Off day

Nothing much to report but trying to stick to my resolve to post something everyday.

Daniel Radcliffe makes strong stage debut in Equs. Yay! Daniel.

We're moving offices on Friday--somewhat stressful as I work for 5 people.

I feel baka. I cannot seem to change my MySpace layout no matter what I do. It just doesn't take--like it's being overwritten. Modifying this page was a piece of cake by comaparison.

Computer glitch nearly starts a panic on Wall Street. Yay! Wall Street (just kidding).

Starting Moby-Dick tonight.

Random musical observations

I got an MP3 player for Christmas, and no, it wasn't an iPod. It is a Creative Zen M (30 G). I love it and have thought about blogging about it repeatedly. It is perfect for me because I am often indecisive, or rather so decisive that I am dissatisfied with what I wanted in the morning. That is I could pick some CD's to take with me in the morning, and want to listen to something completely different at noon. So now I don't have to choose! I can also go from Camelot to L'Arc to Eurythmics and back again. It also has a lovely random Album of the Day option which I use rather like a Magic 8 Ball, "What do I want to listen to next?"

This isn't going to be that blog. This is just random observations from music I was listening to today.

1)Listening to Kate Bush's Aeriel driving home, an ambulance was driving in the opposite direction. It didn't have it's sirens on but it was flashing it's lights and they were pulsing in time to the music--it was …

A Game! (of sorts)

This came out of two small things: one) Getting an email word game where you get a list of words and you have to change one letter in the last word (added by the friend who sent it to you) to form a new word, and then pass it on) two) a funny moment with friends this weekend where one friend was returning borrowed DVD's to another friend and they were: Aguirre, the Wrath of God and Kubrick's The Shining. To which I said (with irony), "Double feature?" and someone else yelled out, "No. DATE MOVIE" because I can't think of two films that I would less like to watch on a first date (or back to back as they are both like 3 hours)--BUT which are excellent films separately and in the right situation.
So, here's the game. What are some other movies that would guarantee no second dates BUT which must be great films otherwise. I actually had a date where we saw The Name of the Rose (not a good date film) and my first date with my high school boyfriend was to s…

Are we insular?

Miss Conduct (a columnist in the Boston Globe magazine) was addressing the question of socializing at parties such as alumni brunches. She said that people "...shuffle the music on our iPods rather than tuning in to a radio station to hear something different. We shop online to avoid contact with sales staff and other customers. We learn about current events from radio...blogs, and magazines that reinforce our existing political beliefs. We customize our existence, choosing the comfort of the known over the shock of the new."


Quite by chance in that limbo after "24" when I was deciding if I wanted to go to bed, read, blog, write, or just continue watching TV, I caught part of a Fraiser I'd never seen (I was never a regular viewer of Fraiser so I wasn't surprised) with Elvis Costello, Felicity Huffman and John (Ah'm too saixy for H'America as my husband and I call him in Scottish burr) Hannah. Well I had to find out what that was about. ^_- Tur…

Random epigram

Driving into work today and observing the weather,
Thought, Ethan Frome's is the worst suicide attempt ever.

Almost, Maine

I went to see a play this afternoon written by an alum of my college, and I went with an alum of my college, not to have a sort of school spirit thing. I didn't know it was by an alum until last week and I really wasn't interested in going until my friend and I were making plans for the weekend. The playwright and I were actually there at the same time--he was a few years ahead of me. I didn't recognize his name but I recognized him when I saw him. His name is John Cariani and his "day" job is playing Beck, the forensics technician on Law and Order. I kept seeing him in L&O and thinking I knew him, but couldn't think why.

God forgive me, I really wanted to not like his play. I wanted it to be pretentious and overblown the way many student plays were when I was at college even though that was nearly 15 years ago. I have nothing against him personally, I just was too human and bitter. Almost, Maine is a sweet and tender set of 9 short plays set in northern M…

The more I need to do something else...

I find the more I desperately need to do something that might get me further ahead in life instead of stuck in what Red Queen Day borrows from Alice--running just to stay in place--the more I procrastinate with things which seem important and taxing but really get me nowhere. So I am up until 2:00 am, delighted with myself for editing the HTML (something I've had in the back of my mind for AGES) when if I were truly being useful I'd be building the actual web page I've promised myself for almost two years, and from there building the portfolio to get into grad school OR making a script for a voice-over demo tape since people who use voice over talent have said that I should. OR writing the play or the novel that exist in huge chunks in my head. OR at the very least cleaning, ironing and sewing. Possibly exercising (though prob. not at 2 am).

What's funny is that it's a variable list. Sometimes I clean to procrastinate something even more frightening, but see, cleani…

Discipline and other stuff

Discipline. I don't have it.

So many things occur to me to write about--but they are never short, and then I get bogged down in the "what's the point" mode.

Today was interesting. Went to a reading of a friend's play (Mirror up to Nature). Excellent, excellent start. Really close to being done. We discussed his new method of working which included the use of an outline. Like me he has sooo many interests he could ramble for the rest of his life and some of his plays have suffered for that. This one rambled, but always came back. One of the characters is a former MI non-com, military intelligence (what's the definition of an oxymoron, Ma?). Kidding aside, Mirror once was, and stationed in Korea. One of the things which stuck with me was the fact that tributes to MI operatives say "a dangerous and sensitive mission," no details, as opposed to regular forces where mission details are generally given (died defending Hill 403 from enemy attack). That not e…