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Another weekend, another quilt top

I'm having a vote for the title of this one--again from random collected fabrics. Choices are:
a) Cats in the Crypt b) At Play in the Boneyard c) Kitties in the Graveyard

Novel being creative

I've been creative these last few weekends. There are a lot of reasons--some pharmaceutical, some not.

So I've been crafting. First I made a chatelaine.

Chatelaines were used in the middle ages as a sort of pocket (pockets are a very recent invention). The idea was re-embraced in the Victorian era (of course). Housekeepers would keep them on their belts with useful items. I'd been thinking about making one for a while because of my Steampunk fascination. Then when I found the little scissors pendant I knew I had to.
Mine has scissors, a needle case, a paperclip which is holding a suede envelope with safety pins and straight pins. There's a little metal envelope at the top with a little metal letter in it (I had it and I didn't know what to use it for. Mine can be clipped on or the safety pin can be pinned to the clothes. Mainly I'm keeping it on the end table to sew in front of the tv.
Here's a real one:…

Personal Pizza (parody)

Your own personal pizza
Something to fill your needs
Something with cheese...

Feeling a jones
And you're all alone
Stomach moan
By the telephone
Lift up the receiver
You know that they deliver

Your own personal pizza
Something to fill your needs
Something with cheese

Reach out and touch dough
Reach out and touch dough
--Novel "Weird Al" West(with apologies to Depeche Mode)

Plan-It Green

There's a game I played recently with the above name. It's a variation on Build-a-Lot where you are a real estate developer. On each level you have different goals-build/upgrade so many houses, reach a certain rental income (unrealistically collected each day), etc. This one, as the title implies, involves making things eco friendly. You add solar panels, water reclamation, etc. Then you track the carbon savings, energy efficiency, etc. Wouldn't that be nice, if developers swept in and improved neighborhoods? But does everyone want an eco garden? Or to bike to work? And of course, in the real world these improvements are competing with many other types of services. It's sad, because this kind of long term planning is ultimately cost efficient, but getting there faces so many obstacles, not the least of which is the human right not to work in our long term best interest.