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Minor thoughts--very late at night

First, adding pictures. Tomorrow maybe links!
Second, driving a friend home at 2 in the morning and realizing that the night belongs to the cabs and that the cabs are monsters, roaming the wilds looking for victims. Watched two run red lights, another make an illegal left and have one cut me off. All in the space of half a mile--GGRRRR.

DOG by Michelle Herman

I just finished this novel. It's copywrited 2005. There are two nice blurbs about how it's a nice metaphor AND a heartwarming story on the back by "hot" writers J.M.Coetzee and Nuala O'Faolain. It's only 188 pages long, and yet, I didn't like it. What's more I can't imagine why/how it got published out of the hundreds of thousands of manuscripts that slide across editors desks each year (and in case your wondering, it's not personal bitterness--I have never tried to get a novel published). No, it just didn't strike me as a very good story or one that was particularly well-written, or and here's the important bit--a particularly MARKETable one. It's not poorly written. The voice is clear and strong and the prose is pleasant. The description is sparse (well it would have to be in 188 pages) but I don't dislike it for that reason. The progtagonists are a woman and her dog. She is a middle-aged professor, transplanted from New York…

Still Here

On the planet too. Interestingly, another friend of mine suddenly started blogging just last week. For similar reasons--to write something everyday. Perhaps we will inspire one another. She is far ahead of me--a theme and everything. When I have a chance I will add her to friends and do all of the nifty things one does--pictures, links, etc.

About me? Read lots of books, watch lots of movies. Work. Design sets and costumes. Yes, I am a designer, and an actress, and a writer. To say this out loud. Well write it out loud. Very difficult--makes strange things happen in my chest. And yet it's true. It's not an exaggeration. I've been paid for all of them.

Work switched so I became busier than I might have been when I first started this. It's a long story, but two jobs flip-flopped and one that was 1 and a half days a week became 4 days a week and the one that was 3 days a week reduced to 1 day a week. Needless to say, I had a lot more free time in the one that was 3 days a w…