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This election and the future of democracy in America

I think this election is one of the most important in recent history. It will act as an assessment not just of Obama's administration, or even of Bush Jr.'s administration, but of the political policies that have been in place in this country for thirty to forty years--all of our lives for most of us here--an assessment of whether the American Dream is still alive and attainable for everyone, not just for those who start with many advantages such as money, social status of one's family, influence, etc. And it is a vote about two radically different views of how to make America a better place. The issues include: economic policies, the integrity of the politic parties, and America's place in the global economy and in global issues. What I keep hearing are attacks on whether one party or the other is actually "good." For the future of our democracy, I think we need to believe that both parties want America to be a better place in line with what they consid…