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Where do I look, where do I witness?

My thoughts are with friends and their families directly touched by the earthquake in Japan and by the resulting tsunami.

We run out of money and in many ways we run out of emotion as well.

Peru, Australia, New Zealand, now Japan…

In a different category, Wisconsin, Prop. 8…

Each new and immediate catastrophe pre-empts the one before. Our money and our focus are needed elsewhere. New Orleans is still rebuilding, Iraq is still in pieces, but we must parcel out our love and our money in triage.

I can't help anyone cause everyone's so cold
Everyone's so skeptical of
everything they're told
And even I get sick of needing to be sold

Though it's only half a month away, the media's gone
An entertaining
scandal broke today, but I can't move on
I'm haunted by a story and I do my
best to tell it
Can't even give this stuff away, why would I sell it?
Everybody's laughing, while at me they point a finger
A world that loves
its irony must hate the protest singer

So I'll be…