Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random musical observations

I got an MP3 player for Christmas, and no, it wasn't an iPod. It is a Creative Zen M (30 G). I love it and have thought about blogging about it repeatedly. It is perfect for me because I am often indecisive, or rather so decisive that I am dissatisfied with what I wanted in the morning. That is I could pick some CD's to take with me in the morning, and want to listen to something completely different at noon. So now I don't have to choose! I can also go from Camelot to L'Arc to Eurythmics and back again. It also has a lovely random Album of the Day option which I use rather like a Magic 8 Ball, "What do I want to listen to next?"

This isn't going to be that blog. This is just random observations from music I was listening to today.

1)Listening to Kate Bush's Aeriel driving home, an ambulance was driving in the opposite direction. It didn't have it's sirens on but it was flashing it's lights and they were pulsing in time to the music--it was very surreal, where it seemed like there were no other sounds but Kate in the world (and I don't play my music very loudly).

2)I have to do random play by genre or I really would get Frank Sinatra singing a song followed by say, The Cure and that just might cause my head to implode, or at the very least cause me to swerve off the road. I haven't made any playlists yet. I never really used to make mixes--I could spend the rest of my life playing the start of every song to see how it merges with the one before, but I let the player go and I especially like random play of an artist. Things I've learned about L'Arc~en~Ciel for instance:
I like All Year Round Falling in Love much better when it isn't at the end of the album.
Perfect Blue sounds better almost anywhere else but where it is on its album.
Pieces should NEVER follow Larva.

This isn't from today but I've always thought it a neat moment. Somewhere at the end of last summer I was getting the car filled with gas and listening to L'Arc on CD. The station attendant was whistling and he actually cleaned my front and back windows. Somehow whatever he was whistling was in the same key as the L'Arc song and acted as a counterpoint. It was so lovely--I wish I'd recorded it in some way.

3)I love absurd connections. Like how I read that Hyde's favorite album was Secrets of the Beehive by David Sylvian while I was listening to Secrets of the Beehive by David Sylvian. (I'm not crazy by the by--I don't think this means I should stalk either Hyde or Sylvian).

This is a tenuous one--more a six degrees of separation. Today Album of the Day had just brought up Gone to Earth by David Sylvian. I made a phone call at work and they put me on hold with musak (I put the player on pause, obviously) which was "I Second That Emotion"--Smokey Robinson which happens to be a song that David Sylvian covered with his band Japan.

List under trivia Novel knows and the way my mind works.

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