Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a long time between posts

I've posted elsewhere and I've written so many posts in my head that it seems sad that I cannot get them down here at my beloved Novel Eye.

First, movies:

Now that the TV season is over it's time to devote ourselves to our Netflix list. It's such a strange list for a week.
V for Vendetta (I posted)
Everything is Illuminated (ditto)
Capote...(post to follow)
The Hill (1965, Sidney Lumet directs Sean Connery and several fine British actors in an anti-military film shown on Memorial Day, well, it's the BRITISH army, not us, right...)
Oldboy (harrowing Asian film about revenge--very disturbing, very well shot)
Breakfast on Pluto (Neil Jordan directs Cillian Murphy as a transvestite against the background of Catholicism, the 70's and "the Troubles), good, and Murphy is amazing. The tragic no-win humanness of it as in Jordan's "The Crying Game"
Matchpoint (Woody Allen's view that even when you get "A Place in the Sun," it's not so sweet--note, Scarlet Johansen is NOT Elizabeth Taylor)

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