Sunday, August 27, 2006

What's in a blog

Several people in my life seem to be examining things--what blogging is, why we do things (like go to college), what is meaning in life, what is purpose--in interconnected ways. Which has led me back again to what am I doing here? What do I want from the blogosphere? A few good correspondents. I'm not really looking to get thousands of hits, because I can't discuss with a thousand posts. Also you run into the bitter who are out to argue. I'm not out to argue. I'm not out to be pedantic--you get a few facts wrong about things I'll let it slide, because I get sloppy and make mistakes too. I sometimes correct people, but only if I think it's relevant to the discussion at hand. One of the posters on the Vietnamese adoptee network wrote a post that seemed to indicate that she thought that Tarzan, The Rescuers and others were Disney stories instead of stories that Disney appropriated. My gut instinct was to write and say, "Excuse me, Tarzan is by Edgar Rice Burroughs and The Rescuers is by Marjorie Sharp and Disney made very silly movies loosely based on these books," but the discussion wasn't literary attribution or the quality of Disney films, it was whether there are good role models for adoptees in the world and what it means when there seems to be an upsurge in adoptees in fiction (like the resurgence in Superman interest, or Finding Nemo). My comment wouldn't serve that topic. It would serve no one but my own ego. I know posters who would have said it anyway but I don't want to be like them. I'm not sure how to get readers beyond my circle of friends and even my friends don't come and discuss as much as I'd like. Then I wonder if I even want to bother with promoting the blog. I've been busy for the last few weekends and I'm getting underway designing a show for the fall and the busier I am during the day, the less inclined I feel to come here and blog about it. Things to ponder.

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