Friday, August 08, 2008


I have been contemplating for some time the possibility of creating another blog based on my experiences as an accidental marketer, called either--The Accidental Marketer or Confessions of a Marketing Moron (Vote now). Neither of which is particularly creative, but then marketing is just taking the familiar and repackaging it.

I can't decide if I would show my work there which would open up the possiblity of someone at my job finding it and thus making it impossible to vent, or keep it as a venting plus what I've learned area. If I have any "marketing" aspirations for it, it would simply be to see if others who wear many hats would come and answer my questions, post their own, etc.--way down the road.

Anyway--part of Marketing these days is the place of Social Media, FaceBook, MySpace, Blogger, Linked In, Twitter, and I thought about making this my opening post, but decided it's a little dark for that.

My husband sent it to me. DO NOT WATCH THIS if you are easily offended and think Nazi-ism should never be funny. The film is Downfall--a very dark and interesting film (I really have to tag better because I could have sworn I posted on this and now I can't find it--I'm thinking it might have been comments on someone else's blog--Mirror's maybe???) which I will now never be able to watch again.

Oh...oh it's so wrong...but so funny. I hate myself for laughing at it. - Novel's husband

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Brown Belt Librarian said...

That scene from downfall has become something of a favorite for mashup folks.

Several months ago, someone posted the following version, in which Hitler loses his X-Box account.

It's pretty awesome as well, even if it's not marketing related:

...and by the way, considering that that your new blog is going to be a marketing blog, and considering that the PBS show frontline once had a show about marketing to teens called "The Merchants of Cool," why don't you call your blog "The Merchant of Cool?"