Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And so we are moved

It's been a long couple of weeks. Everything is here, except for husband's albums. It's a long story. We had more stuff than would fit in a moving truck. So, one moving truck, two minivan loads (borrowed from Red Queen) and assorted trips in the Yaris hatchback.

We had to go out for lunch today because we couldn't find our saucepans, and I'm wearing purple socks to work tomorrow with a red sweater because it was the pair that I found rummaging in the trash bag that contains all my underwear.

We did grab a tiny tree picking up the van and ate stuffed pork chops for dinner because we found a baking tray.

The bedroom is arranged, but nothing is hung up or sorted (they promised they could wrap the drawers and then couldn't. Very annoying).
These are pictures of some of the packing in the old apt.--too many books. This is without cd's or dishes:
Added to the fun is this:
This is my car in the work parking lot where I had to leave it two weeks ago. And then we had another blizzard, and then another. Slushy and icy alternately.
Merry Christmas.

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