Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a long strange week it was

I know I said I wasn't going to write about work--but this is an accomplishment of sorts, and more working things out.

The week of the 7th-9th was the bi-annual Summit, here in Boston this time. It went well and I received some praise. I met some very nice affiliates and sponsors and speakers, and some really, really strange ones. Like the one who wanted to be The Chairman of the Board. In fact, on the little humorous questionnaire we passed out he admitted that he worshiped ol' Blue Eyes. He's 35...

Then the one who found Atlas Shrugged a seminal novel--which I guess it is, it just depends on how you take it.

I'll pass over those who listed Da Vinci Code as one of their favorite books, or "anything by John Grissom." And move on to the two older male affiliates--one who's favorite movie is "The Neverending Story" and the other who's favorite is "Ladyhawke." His favorite book is "The Princess Bride." A man after my own heart.

My boss made an ass of himself and reminded me of why I have to get away.

And I have an offer--following JT again--to less creativity, but more...sanity. And looking back at my work record I've been happier when it was sane, and done more for myself, but sometimes I've done nothing in my private life, just drifted along, quietly sane. The insanity pushes me--to a point, but then I burn out. I'm very nearly at burn out now.

Here's my problem and I've danced around it before. I know a little about so many things. After this year I know a little about web design and HTML and a little about graphic design and Photoshop/Adobe suite. And I like what I know and I like doing it.

BUT, and it's a big But...I don't know a lot, so I doubt I would get work as a graphic designer, going against people with degrees in pure graphic design and web design. I'm reinventing the wheel half the time, only to discover there's a shortcut or a filter already made or an add on...after I've slaved over it, or I suspect there are shortcuts but I don't know them so I go the long way round each time. I don't doubt my talent, but I doubt my skill which are two very different things.

I could certainly get work after this as a copywriter, and almost certainly as an event planner. Neither of which really excites me. Should I go for the graphics degree and come out to compete with kids (yes, I am old enough now to say this) who have been doing this from childhood?

Am I good/talented or am I merely better than anyone in my immediate circle and probably not very good if playing with the professionals?

What to do...

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