Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oddly, along the same vein...

We went to see Wall-E. Wall-E, the eponymous robot, has his little collections too. Amidst skyscrapers of trash.

I loved it, and I teared up. I think the tag line for Dumbo was "You'll believe an elephant can fly," and last year's tag line for Ratatouille was "You'll believe a rat can cook." Well, you'll believe that a robot can love, even if it's to a tune from "Hello, Dolly." I have to admit that "It Only Takes a Moment," has always been one of my guilty pleasures (including the pleasure of watching a gawky Michael Crawford). {Ok, I have to stick in one of the lovely and talented John Barrowman since it's over there--sqee a little}

Anyway, I really loved this film. The ability to make "faceless" machines tear your heart--well, Pixar has always done that. Plotwise I'd have to say I'm still leaning towards Ratatouille and The Incredibles since the plot is a little obvious, but the wordless beginning is virtual an arthouse study.

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