Sunday, January 11, 2009

What good are visions you cannot use?

I often dream of fashions I cannot sew. Last night I dreamt of jewelry and art I cannot make. I lack even the ability to draw them as accurately as I would like so that someone else can make them. I can hear music in my head that I cannot transcribe.

Should I take classes to try and learn the skills I would need to bring these to reality? And what would I do with them then? What do I do with the things that I sew and create now?

I also dream of stories that I should write and that I can do, but then I grow afraid--thinking of what will I do with it when it's done, when I should just think of getting it down and seeing what it is.

Does this happen to other people?


musing said...

I've dreamt that I'm speaking flawless Japanese. Does that count? :)

biibii said...

happens to me all the time, where you start writing or drawing and go "wow, if i read this/saw this in a comic book, i'd think the author/artist was a douche." then you stop working and sit in the corner and stare at your stuff and think about what you could be doing and how you could do it better, only to discourage yourself into the corner again. yeah, i think that's a totally awesome anti-creative process i've been stuck behind for the past year almost. it totally RULES!!!