Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Watchmen

A friend commented on my quickie review that he didn't know why the rest of the team tolerates the Comedian. For that matter, why do they tolerate Rorshach? Psychopaths both. Is the answer that Laurie and Dan are actually more like them than unlike them-that they all need the masks to show their faces? Certainly Dr. Manhattan has lost touch with humanity as has Veidt. Who watches the Watchmen indeed. And their acceptance of Veidt's answer is eerie. Except, of course for Rorshach who has ignored trial by jury and other civil liberties for so long but cannot accept lying.


musingwoman said...

Fascinating movie. The ending gave me pause. How they just went on with their lives like nothing had happened.

Novel said...

In the comic Laurie and Dan are in witness protection and have to visit her mother secretly.

I also wonder what will happen when Rorshach's journal is read.

I think it goes to the heart of why vigilantiism can never work in the real world. It's always going to be too tempting to become Rorshach or the Commedian. Laurie and Dan certainly aren't using non-lethal force in the alley. It's not Batman, Superman or Spiderman who never kill the criminals, just deliver them to the police and due process.

Who watches the Watchmen.