Saturday, April 25, 2009

You know it's a good concert when... come home with glitter in your shoes.

Spur of the moment, went to see the last night of a local "Rock and Roll Rumble" for Boston bands because a friend was in one of the finalists and Betamo had sent me the video for C*Star earlier (explicit). The new single is much better.
Post glam Bowie inspired--great fun. Turns out the lead singer wanted to be an actor and may have been in stuff with other friends.
The little pack was a freebie. It contains: a sticker, a chapstick with Gene Dante logo, an XL condom, lube and a mint. Guess you're all set with this in your pocket, although I think he was being optimistic about his fans.
Much glam fanservice (for Musing) including coming out at the end with a paper cup that he seemed to be drinking from and just as I turned to scream to whisper to Betamo that if he were really J-Pop he'd throw the water on us (we were about two people back from the stage) he tossed the cup which was full of glitter. Very fun.
Hope the band does well. No word on whether they won. (My friend is the gothic looking guitarist).
I'd never been to this kind of event for local bands--local bands tend to be, for me, like best of anthologies, or comedy nights. Such a mixed bag, that sifting through the dreck for the stuff I like is not worth it. The crowd was fascinating. Most were not young--my age and older, much older. Every t-shirt imaginable, from Bob Dylan to Violet Nine (another local band). From Bettie Page to Homestar Runner. The tattoos and piercings too ran the gamut. I realized it was networking for them. One gentleman had a piece of paper taped to his back--Drummer for hire--with little tabs to tear off. Betamo's friends said that he would probably get some work. Like a theater party for me and my friends. A scene that I have never seen with the same hugs and exclamations and promises to call when something comes up.

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