Saturday, May 27, 2006

Others on Da Vinci

"Who was married at the feast of Cana? Repetitions are magic keys. Of course, I've compiled; but compiling the truth is the initiate's right. Here is my interpretation: Jesus was not crucified, and for that reason the Templars denied the Crucifix. The legend of Joseph of Arimathea covers a deeper truth: Jesus, not the Grail, landed in France, among the cabalists of Provence. Jesus is the metaphor of the King of the World, and true founder of the Rosicrucians. And who landed with Jesus? His wife. In the Gospels why aren't we told who was married at Cana? It was the wedding of Jesus, and it was a wedding that could not be discussed, because the bride was a public sinner, Mary Magdalene. That's why, ever since, all the Illuminati from Simon Magus to Postel seek the principle of the eternal feminine in a brothel. And Jesus, meanwhile, was the founder of the royal line of France.""Nobody would take that seriously," Diotallevi said."On the contrary, it would sell a few hundred thousand copies..."-from Umberto Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum," pages 376-377

I was roaming the blogosphere in an effort to add to my karma (equivalent exchange or I look at yours, someone will come look at mine) and found that many people agreed with my dislike of "The Da Vinci Code" esp. when compared with a masterpiece like "Foucault's Pendulum." Found this great quote above, which led me back to rereading it since I actually haven't read it for at least 10 years and I suspect more like 15. Loving it so far, but feeling stupid for how much I don't know. Perhaps as a teenager I thought that I would someday know more.

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