Sunday, March 30, 2008

The reunion--INTERRUPTED

Turns out much of my tension and foul mood of the past week was hormonal in nature. Some of it was because we have reached again, April 1st.


Thank you, God.

I went back to find that post from last year to link and thought I will take a stab at that again. And suddenly it seemed so obvious!

It needs some fine tuning--word choice, etc. but I like this, and I feel this:

If I should lose the little finger, say
Of my left hand, I could learn to type around.
And all the instruments I do not play
Would prove no sadder loss than now.

Other things I do requiring dexterous skill
Could be--as good or almost--learned again.
Most days I should not feel its loss at all
Until it was as if it had never been.

Yet, there would come a moment when
Performing some small but delicate task
I should find myself at a loss, as when
I find there is no one else I can ask

Questions I never thought to bring to you,
And I cry to feel your death anew.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Feels very Emily Dickenson. In fact, I almost thought it WAS hers, 'til I remembered that you'd apologized for the word choice ;)