Sunday, March 19, 2006


This is what I've done this weekend, starting Thursday night. It's for my own benefit to remind myself that I do a lot and a lot of it good. It says a lot about me but it's very long, so read if you want.

After work on Thursday I met a friend at a bookstore to plan invitations to a tea tasting party she's trying to put together. She ended up holding my shoulder bag because I had a "tree," well long branch in the back of the car. Did I mention this is a loaner because my car is in the shop? It's terminal. Basically it's like a relative who's dying of lung cancer--my mechanic is getting it through a bout of pneumonia but advised us we should start saying our good-byes. This is esp. annoying at this moment because my beloved car is a hatchback and the loaner is a sedan. The tree would have worked better in the hatchback. We ended up wandering a mall trying to find the perfect invitations--which we didn't, though we were considering a second best box of 20 for $14.95. We were at the mall at closing (10 pm) buying chocolate at Godiva to celebrate the fact my husband got a job at 5 pm after over a year of temping. We bought him a chocolate cigar and a macaroon and ourselves truffles. The next day I went to my "other" job. I've created full time work out of smaller pieces through my company and as I mentioned in the first entry--the pieces just flip flopped, so I do HR one day a week and executive assist four financial planners for 4 days a week. But cramming all of HR into one day means I had three interviews in one day--blech. At the card shop next door where I went to buy a Get Well card for the partner of a friend I found the second best box of card for half price so bought them as it seemed a sign. After work I went home for a half and hour and talked to my husband about his great new benefits (yeah!). Then I went to a rehearsal for a show I'm designing to see costumes (actor's own--low budget). I got home about 8. I have no memory of what we watched on television since we have no regular shows on Friday night, yet somehow I didn't end up going to bed until midnight. How does that happen?

Saturday morning we had the following conversation:
Him: I'm going to McKinninon's {local old fashioned grocer with really good/cheap cuts of meat}do you want to come? You could go to Goodwill {I had mentioned seeing something there for the show}.
Me: Ok, but I want to eat first and maybe take a bath.
Him: Well, I wanted to go early to avoid the crowds.
Me: It's already 10:30 and what crowds? Do you want to eat breakfast out?

So we ended up having a celebratory brunch which was fun--and I had a mimosa. I don't usually drink so I wobbled out of the restaurant at about noon, but I did manage to buy some things at Goodwill, buy a Superman lunch box at Newbury Comics (also for the show) and a rug at K-Mart (ditto) before coming home and napping.

When I woke up I did a quick tidy (which I do when I don't want to start something), sorted the laundry and realized we should have bought laundry detergent while we were out as I only had enough for two loads and had 5 loads to wash. Then decided it was too late to start anything creative (see what I mean?) although I did slap a little more paint on the sculpture I made for the show (by sculpture I mean I found a miniature tree, made little figures out of Sculpey, glued them together and sprayed it with copper paint). We ate dinner (husband cooks--only way I'd eat) and watched Good Night, and Good Luck, which was very good and a little frightening. It also dovetailed nicely with Network last week. Television is a tool--for good or for ill. Televisions don't kill people, people kill people. Watched Full Metal Alchemist which turned out to be the last episode--very sad both in terms of story and in terms of not being able to watch it anymore. Then panicked and decided I had to study lines for the Eugene O'Neill project I do with another actress. We haven't performed this since last August and we have two shows at the end of the month. I put on the Awake Tour (L'Arc~en~Ciel!) and tried to study, but kept staring at Hyde instead. :-p and ><. D'oh! Went to bed at 1:30.

Had to get up and eat quickly to meet at director's house to move her futon to the theater for the show (low budget professional--gotta love it, this is even an Equity Member's Project, which means all Equity Actors and yet, here they are wearing their own clothes-and mine-and borrowing furniture--so sad). I had roped my husband into this with the promise that it would only take an hour, but taking apart the futon, moving it and putting it back together even with 6 of us took almost two hours, and I banged up my sculpture like the careless idiot that I am. Then rushed home and backed out of a rehearsal that I should have gone to for Eugene and made a futon cover and two cushion covers for the show (since they need to be fireproof certified fabric and what's on there isn't) and realized that I still hadn't bought any laundry detergent.

Finally finished that about 8, watched The Simpsons, took a bath, watched L&O:CI, and Crossing Jordon while I did some hand sewing repairs on the mock hoop skirt I wear in the "Mourning Becomes Electra" part of Eugene. Crossing Jordon is so annoying sometimes because it has these stories which could never, ever happen in Boston but that's a thread for another day. Finally end the day by sorting the laundry I could wash and cleaning the gunk off of the iron.

But then of course I'm too wired to sleep. I didn't write all this to brag about how much I do because most weekends I seem to get nothing done but the laundry and I can't quite understand why. I get more done when I'm over booked like this. It's like inertia--I'm a body in motion, so I stay in motion. Then when it ends I crash hard and spend a weekend playing video games, watching movies and vegging and then find I can't get started until the next deadline because then I'm a body at rest. I tried to read--by my bed is Joyce Carol Oates The Faith of a Writer and C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity (am trying to put together my thoughts about Christianity but it's in high flux) but neither is relaxing and thought I should come write this down, because that was part of why I started the blog! So now it's 12:08 am and the alarm will go off at 7am and the week where I have to install a set and rehearse a show and work 40+ hours will begin and I will wonder why I'm so tired but at least my life is always varied and I have touched many things which are important to me and how many people can say, "Oh, don't mind the tree in the back seat--it's for the show." So a final yeah! Talk to you later. Dewa mata. Winka, winka.

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