Sunday, March 05, 2006

Where does the time go

I seem to be doing this once a week--Saturday nights when my husband has gone to bed and I've watched Full Metal Alchemist. No time, no time. Like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party--no room, no room. Have a short list of topics to write on that I carry to every job and never get to.

Just saw Neil Gaiman's blog listed in the of interest column on the log in page. I love Neil Gaiman. Just read "Anansi Boys." Delightful, but not as thought provoking as "American Gods," which is fine. I have a post card from Mr. Gaiman because I mailed him a Halloween wallhanging and he wrote a very nice thank you on a postcard with a Charles Vess illustration.

Watched "The Most Terrible Time of My Life" last night--Japanese, early 90's with a character named Miku Hamma (or rather Hamma Miku, but the joke's lost that way). Very funny and sweet and sad and fantastically shot. When it began I said, "That guy (the lead) looks like the guy in "Mystery Train" which I must have seen 12 years ago and IMDB let me know that it WAS the guy in "Mystery Train." Wow.

Watched "Live Flesh" tonight, a Pedro Almodovar based on a Ruth Rendell, one of my favorite authors. Despite changing several details, I really felt that Almodovar captured the spirit of her novel better than any adaptation that I've seen which always seem to stifle her writing. She writes with so much insight into human motivation, good and bad, and it just gets reduced to British moires in adaptations.

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