Monday, March 27, 2006

For Musing and B

This is for Musing and my friend B because it will amuse them but probably no one else will get it.

We watched "Mirror Mask" last night written by the wonderfully fabulous, creative, funny and kind Neil Gaiman and designed/directed by one of his longtime collaborators Dave McKean. Simple story and Neil still has trouble with good endings but visually one of the best things I've ever seen.

I think it was because of this, I can't think of any other reason. I dreamt I met Gackt (pronounced Ga-Ku-To so they say, and not like what a cat does with hair, Japanese pop star, not Hyde, but friend of Hyde who is so perfect his face looks like a mask) in an ice cream parlor and he bought me ice cream and spoke to me in reasonable English but with a thick Japanese accent and he asked my opinion on all sorts of things, like whether he should do another movie (yes) or dress more like Mathew of Mathew's best hits (no) and everytime I would try to ask about Hyde and whether I could meet him he would change the subject. This is odd because while I think Gackt is beautiful I am not at all interested in him and while his voice is lovely I just find his songs somewhat formulaic. Does this mean I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth? Take what your given and don't waste it by asking about what you'd rather have?

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