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Books & Bands

A newsletter on webdesign had a contest to mash-up band names with book names--though it seems to have expanded to all literature.

My personal favorite is:
Horton Hears a Hoobastank

But there are many others bubbling under:
The Who Moved my Cheese (The Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf is nice too)
Courtney Love in the Time of Cholera
Wallflowers for Algernon
Bleak Housemartins

I like the ones that just merge, but this is good too:
One Fish, Two Fish, Hootie and the Blowfish (because the rhythm works)

For the 80's girl in me:
The Joy Division Luck Club
The Elements of Style Council
A Kraftwerk Orange (which is so great I'm surprised the band never used it for an album name)
The Jesus and Mary Chain of Command
Everything But the Girl, Interrupted
The Five People You Meet in Heaven 17
The Natalie Merchant of Venice
Romeo Void and Juliet
The Motels New Hampshire (that one's stretching it, but it's funny)
At Play in the Fields of the Lords of the New Church (and also At Play in the Magnetic Fields of the Lord)
Haircut 100 Years of Solitude
Of Mice and Men Without Hats (and also Of Mice and Men at Work)

And otherwise:
The Modest Mouse and the Motorcycle
Fleetwood Macbeth
Megadeath of a Salesman
A Little River Band Runs Through It
Sun-Ra Also Rises
I'm Ok, You're Ok Go
Are You There Godsmack? It's Me, Margaret
Gone With the Earth, Wind and Fire
Good Charlotte's Web
The Little Prince & the Revolution
Rabbit, Run DMC

There's a lovely set for Chicken Soup:
Chicken Soup for the Soul Coughing
Chicken Soup for the De La Soul
for the Soul Asylum, for The Collective Soul
Bowling for Chicken Soup For the Soul

And then just plain obvious:
Moby Dick

They would not accept bands who were named after books (D'uh):
The Soft Machine
And I would add Silver Chair

All I can think of is the blatantly obvious:
Prince Caspian
A Horse and His Boy George (having a Chronicles of Narnia night, here)
The Old Man and the L'Arc~en~Ciel
Bump of Chicken Soup for the Soul (Japanese band with the funniest name)

The humor requires that one know the names of a lot of bands and a lot of books. Here's the complete list:


musing said…
Love these! Here's mine: The Picture of Dir en grey.
Novel said…
Ooo, very nice, and also:
The Picture of Dorian Glay

I also thought of Mister Children of Dune (which pretty much exhausts my knowledge of Japanese band names).

My husband came up with Thomas Dolby the Tank Engine
musing said…
Ikuni's: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HYDE
Novel said…
Oh my, can't believe we both missed that one.

One more Japanese:
The High and Mighty Color Purple
musing said…
Oh my, can't believe we both missed that one.

I know! I fail as a Hyde fan.

Also, if it's expanded to include all literature, here's one:

Men are from The Mars Volta and Women are from Venus.

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