Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why We Don't Have A House

We like our toys. This is the Tardis USB port on my desk at work.
We have one at home that we got about 6 months ago from Britain. Now they're available here at Newbury Comics so my husband got one last week and I decided I needed one too. The little construction site pieces came from one of those box kits you can get at Border's or Barnes and Noble. I love those. We have a Zen Garden in a box, a Gong in a Box and Stonehenge in a Box.

This is a small collection of miniature things I keep at my desk (the fire extinguisher squirts water--my husband got it as a Christmas gift from his boss last year). So you're painting and keeping a fire extinguisher nearby for safety when you decide to kick off your Birkenstocks and eat some ice cream with Dr. Pepper. I should have put in something for scale. The little shoes are for massage and actually work really well in the late afternoons when I've been hunched over my desk. They say they fit on thumbs, but I have to put my middle and ring fingers to hold it on. And the rest are lip balm. None of them cost very much and they are in fact useful--but silly.
And my husband HAD to have this (referenced in one of Neil Gaiman's recent posts).
We didn't feel the need to get the box of extra victims, although we are very amused that the two that come with it look like us. The figures come apart in the middle so your little Cthulhu can hold a half in each hand.
So what do these toys do for us? They make us smile. We pat the Cthulhu on his little round head when we go by. I will enjoy going to work more tomorrow because of my little Tardis.
And isn't that what life needs to be about.

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