Friday, September 28, 2007

More on Band Names

That last post reminded me of a time, a long time ago, when I first picked up Games Magazine. On reflection it had to have been some of the earliest issues, because the magazine started in 1977. I got a stack of them at a garage sale. Yes, used Games Magazine is a rather sad purchase but the previous owner seemed to be interested in different puzzles than me (except for the crosswords which were pretty well shot.) The one I'm remembering had a cover puzzle to guess the bands from the pictures. What's funny is at the time (I was 9 or 10) I didn't listen to rock and roll and neither did my parents so these bands with their exotic names were impossible for me to guess--I didn't know what I was aiming at.

A few years later when I did start listening to rock and roll and started to hear band names regularly (if not the bands themselves) I suddenly realized what the bands must have been.
See if you can guess (these are 70's bands for the most part).

A picture of a black smith hammering small pointed arrows
Three dogs howling at the moon
A metal dirigible

I know there was at least one other, but I can't remember what it was, possibly bugs, or animals, or birds--rather obvious, now.

[Sidenote: I have a very visual memory. I can remember scenes from films I haven't seen since childhood. If I can lock an image with a memory I can hold quite well. But for some reason I can't remember people's faces until I've met them several times. Strange]

EDIT: I remembered the last image! It was a row of gravestones with little cartoon comment baloons saying "Thank you!" Guess that one.

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