Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1st Crown

So I finally got the crown on Friday--quick and painless. Seems to fit well--so well that the dentist had trouble removing it after testing it to put on the cement.

Even with the length of the process (pretty much a month) I still prefer it to a breast exam. I'm not kidding.

The tooth is smoother and rounder than my other teeth and I find myself worrying it with my tongue--though not as much as I did the temporary which felt like a lump of cold hot glue gun glue and tasted a bit like my fake vampire fangs. It also seems strangely the wrong temperature, but I can't quite decide if it is colder or warmer. It feels like a slightly misshapen marble in my mouth.

I am sad that my old tooth had to be filed down--like I've lost something important--no going back now. As though I have taken my first steps toward becoming a Cyborg.

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musing said...

Glad to hear it went well.

I chipped my front tooth a few months ago and am trying to work up the nerve to see the dentist about it. Maybe by next year...