Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Nights--Television

Last week I noticed that tonight's television line up is:

Life, Lost, Lie to Me, Life on Mars and Law and Order

Brought to you by the letter L (or Quaker) evidently.

Then I went into my DVR over the weekend and noticed that I had two shows back to back:

Trust Me
Lie to Me


But seriously, I need to cut out some shows. If I didn't have DVR it wouldn't be so bad--I'd have to choose one to watch and that would be it, but now I can watch double the shows! I've lost Eli Stone and Crusoe, of course, but this is what I'm watching (parenthesis for what I'm taping):
Monday-House, 24, Medium (Trust Me)
Tuesday-Fringe, Law & Order: SVU
Wednesday-Life, L&O (Lost, Lie to Me, Life on Mars)
Thursday-Bones, CSI, 11th Hour

And now on Friday we have Dollhouse coming up. My husband is actually being very frugal--House, Medium, L&O:SVU, L&O, Life, Bones, CSI with occasional foray's into Lie to Me, Life on Mars and 11th Hour. Oh, and ER's pulling out the stops for the last season, so we're kind of watching that.

And to tell the truth, we haven't really fallen for Trust Me or Lie to Me yet. We're mainly watching for the cast and that may not be enough.

I'll report back.

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