Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pre-decisions to be made

I went on a job interview on Friday. This should be a good thing as I must, must, must get away from my current job, but it's not the ideal job for me.

Basically I would be a wholesaler for a home health aide company. I would dine and schmooze people who could/would refer patients to this home company. But here's the thing. I hate schmoozing. I hate making phone calls. I barely call my friends. I can be that person--act like that person--that extroverted person, but it's only an act, and I find it tiring--Novel as people person. I do it for interviews, auditions, etc. I think I do it pretty well, but it's not who I am. The friend who recommended me thought that I was a people person.

But, the boss was sane and pleasant and quiet and calm, and committed to working together and helping grow the business, and focused and intelligent. I'd be working with an old friend (who called me in for it) and I wouldn't even have to work in the office as long as the numbers were there--the incoming calls. Beat my goal and I'd get a bonus. The friend and I worked for a boss like the one I have now, and she assures me that six months into this job this boss is exactly as calm and pleasant as he seems.

All of this is pre-decision. He's going to come back with what he could pay and then I'll have a second interview where I'll play that person--the one who can schmooze and soft sell with the best of 'em. It might not be enough money to make it worthwhile. He might not like my technique--I might not be able to fake it as well as he wants. So it could all be moot.

I remember speaking with a woman who was a coach for a company and we discussed being introverted/extroverted. She said that before she took that job she was an introvert on Myers-Briggs (or one of the personality tests) and after having the job for a while the numbers changed and she was more extroverted. Perhaps it would force me to become that more extroverted person, take me out of myself. Fake it until it become real. And I would have a script. The boss would work with me and we would make it work...

Again--this is a pre-thought. I have three friends who might be good for this job, but none of them live in Boston, and two of them do not like to drive in Boston (well, who does) and this job would require it. I wouldn't enjoy that piece much either, but it wouldn't often be at rush hour. I'd get to dine well. I'd be reimbursed.

I'll keep you posted.

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