Sunday, July 22, 2007

Found poetry

In trying to toss things I found some old magnetic poetry. It's surprisingly interesting (to me). Words in parenthesis are filled in now as is any punctuation.

I recall a language
like winter death
I think we were sacred
I was weak in my worship of you.
together we (were an) essential symphony

After her liquid
she haunt(s) like eternity
(A) fresh petal did him
Ask his
(the) sea/ (the) sky
Do/did let rob (our) power?
No, or to-want
Put (it) out (there to) think
(and) say go
Ask, tell (and) manipulate
Though, beneath
less mean

Smell storm rain like...

but it, to me, (a) moment(ary) ache

Please, may (I) scream
and yet after
ask some(one) who...
Then why?
(Now) languid and lazy
(but) still mad
(seeing) sordid blue

(A) gorgeous breeze,
(a) moment
(by a) goddes
(and the) ghost of desire
(like) coffee

And that (the magnets, not the poetry) is something I can't quite bring myself to throw away, although I just keep moving it from one place to another.

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