Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

I sailed away to China in a little row boat to find ya, and you said you had to get your laundry clean... --Break My Stride, Matthew Wilder (who apparently went on to produce No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom--strange)

In my dream I went to Wales (I think it was Wales--I've never been to Wales. It was definitely Great Britain and I could see the ocean) with the strangest group of people, my old boss DS, Keifer Sutherland (couldn't quite figure out if he was Keifer, Jack Bauer, or just someone who looked and sounded like Keifer), 3 other people who seemed familiar, but I can't place now AND my dog, Guinness. We were also only there for the afternoon and had to catch a flight back to America at midnight. I dream in great detail. There was this moment when we were on a street and Keifer pointed out this granite plateau perhaps 10 stories high in the center of town (which is why I think Wales) and all these little war houses had been built around it's base and beyond it you could see more signs and buildings from the 1950's and beyond them the sea, and there was a lovely late afternoon haze so that it almost looked like something from an Edward Hopper (and I recently saw the Hopper show WITH DS). I wanted to get a picture but I would have had to have crossed to the center of a roundabout and that seemed risky.

So then we all (including my dog) went into this lovely modern hospital and dispersed and I didn't seem to have anything to do so I was just hanging out near the cafeteria and it started to get later and later and I couldn't find anyone. And so I had "the group from America" paged. And I find DS grilling everyone she could find about the National Health Service and the war in Iraq. There was a little machine where you could get a cup of water for 15p only I hadn't exchanged any money and I needed to get some water for Guinness who was pooped (although very good, better than the real Guinness--but getting under people's feet as he is only an 18 lb. dog (or one and a half stone--ha ha!). And DS said, "I think I have some," and hands me this mound of change from every country she's ever visited so there's Canadian and Chinese and Moroccan and more and finally two 10p pieces. I get the water and go out to where everyone else is in the car and Keifer is fuming because I didn't drag DS with me. We have to go around the little roundabout in front of the hospital and Keifer goes the wrong way and all the cars are honking. We finally get DS and there isn't time to go do the other thing, only time to go to a fast food restaurant. One of the other people in the group starts ranting about the difference between British and American food and asks the opinion of the couple next to us who basically look at us like we're horrible, loud and rude Americans.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I apparently also looked like someone who'd had a dance single in Britain (even worse than here) so people kept stopping me to ask if I were the girl who sang... and then they would sing it (badly) to me. What's funny is I can't remember the tune. I don't remember sound as well as sight, even when I'm awake.

I don't know what any of this means. The only thing I can think of is the chaos I'm feeling in my new job and the fact I will have to travel (thought not out of the country), but I suspect there's more too it than that.

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