Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Being a grown-up means...

You get bawled out and you can't cry (or kick them in the shins).

Well, I stood my own at least. And I'm more angry/annoyed than sad.

I have three major projects going on at work:

Planning the conference for May 6-9
Overseeing the development of the two new websites which are supposed to go live on May 1
Building myself a Practice Development Newsletter that will go out monthly and collects articles from several sources

Then I have several small projects:

The general weekly Newsletter which takes most of Wednesday
Transition work for JT
Other updates and projects etc.

The first three depend on my boss. Today he informed me in no certain terms that he wasn't happy with the second project--the websites. He already had major "corrections" to item 3 that took most of yesterday, last night and this morning. Now, the stupid thing is that he's had a chance to offer input on all of these things at several points along the way, but through his own stupidity didn't bother and is now unhappy with the result causing myself and the web team much stress and much stupid redoing--and he is also saying that the web company is amateur (because none of us could read his mind).

This is a pattern with him.

I don't want it to be a pattern with me.

So, I contemplate leaving, and once again wonder where I would go, and if you ever really can get away.

And that is the summation of all of the bad mood of the past few weeks.

I'm actually at work now (7:10). I know people who stay at work until 9 (well, not this work) but I always thought I was too well organized to do that.

I'm going home soon, but I thought I'd do something I enjoy.

I did share Hyde singing Careless Whispers on YouTube with a co-worker today since George Michael is touring.


Derek said...

Well, I'm learning to play "Ready, Steady, Go" on the ukulele, so I guess that counts for something.

musing said...

Jobs suck.

Hyde cures a lot, though. :)

musing said...


Your latest avatar makes me laugh.