Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh, and for no good reason...

...except that I finally confirmed that I had the correct spelling and usage from a Japanese friend, I opened a CafePress shop. I have done absolutely nothing to promote it yet. My husband hopes to add some Dr.Whovian related items and I have a few more ideas.

Two thoughts on that--one, should I report the people who are blatantly stealing copyrighted work and passing it off as their own, or leave it alone?

And two, and this will only be funny to half of my tiny readership. There's a shirt that I covet there that says, "I wanted to learn Alchemy, but it costs and arm and a leg." Bwa-ha-ha, ROFL, snort.

Oh, and even more one more thing--should I add "Nan dai yo, ne?" to the back, just to be more clear?


biibii said...

AH HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!! arm and a leg!!!1 i get it!!! BA HA HAAAA!!! hi i miss you, koishikuteeeeee!

Matt said...

So... is the translation "It really is a problem, y'know?"
Or something like that? "難題よね”
(nandai = "big problem, challenge")

I dunno if I'd space it out. It looks a little... un-Japanese. There's no spaces usually in any written Japanese.

I always thought you were using the standard Tokyo dialect of "nande ya nen?" - 何でやねん- which is Kansai-ben for "WTF?"

Your audience for this shirt is... who? Probably people who'll "get it," right? So I dunno that adding the romaji on the back would be all that helpful. I mean... you could. Or you could, actually, just add little romaji under or above the hiragana, like furigana (the hiragana that often accompanies kanji). If you're gonna put anything on the back to make it clear, I'd say put a translation into English. Which might kill the whole point of the effort.

My two yen... (-.o)b