Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stranger Than Fiction

Watched most of this this afternoon. Have to say I really enjoyed it, and Will Farrell, and you have to know that I HATE all Will Farrell movies. Like discovering that Jim Carrey can act, it was pleasant to find that Farrell could as well. While Carrey always had a commitment to a variety of characters, I always felt that Farrell was just playing the same shtick over and over (well, except for The Oblongs--the weirdest of all my favorite weird cartoons--I love, love, loved him in The Oblongs).

Always delightful to see Emma Thompson playing neurotic. It is also a very clever film about fiction and life. I would have to say it will probably be enjoyed more by people who read the kind of novels that Thompson's character writes--tragedies, not comedies.

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