Saturday, April 26, 2008

Things that work

I have decided that it might be better if I don't rehash work problems here and get back to some basic reviewing.

The BIG summit is May 6-9, so I might not really be back to it until after, but before I finish with work, I do want to show one thing I am proud of:

The Paragon Advisor

Created entirely and edited by yours truly. It's a newsletter for aspiring financial planners, so not so exciting, but hey, I made it.

There are also blogs being launched at and I actually didn't set these up, but have tweaked them some. I am editing most of the pieces at Making Cents, which IS for the general consumer, so feel free to comment and make my boss happy and keep me in a job.

Edit: Annoyingly Making Cents is not showing the way that it should. Will have to do some checking on that on Monday. Have had some weird bugs in TypePad. Like I said, I didn't set them up.

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