Monday, June 09, 2008

An apolgy

I have fallen into the trap of the internet. That what one writes is not the same as a private journal or a letter to a close friend. It is public. And if you write something unkind about someone, thoughtlessly or deliberately--chances are that person will see it. My aunt and uncle recently read my blog which was very kind of them, but they found a line that I had written in November of last year where I said that they were deaf and right-wing. They are not deaf, although they are hard of hearing, but they are both sharp and relatively active, and they have written to tell me that they are not right-wing. They have revealed mixed and nuanced views on a variety of topics, but I had never taken the time to have those conversations with them. I have been guilty of making the kind of broad generalization that I would not want made about myself and I am genuinely sorry.

I have asked them not to tell my mother about some of my posts--to view these posts as the same as a private conversation that I might have with them that I would not want repeated to her--that I use this space to work through my conflicted feelings for her with my small circle of readers.

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