Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movies we have watched

Which is an easy thing to do now that the regular TV season is over:

The Matador--Pierce Brosnan both fulfills and surpasses Bond
El Orfanato--a little heavy handed at times, and a little obvious, but at the core, it is the two all too human accidents that will shake you, far beyond the supernatural.
The Golden Compass--I think I've written about Pullman before. It was very pretty--may need to refresh myself on the books.
Day Watch--the sequel to the very interesting and visually stunning Night Watch, deserves a larger post
Fido--Billy Connolly gives an Oscar worth performance with grunts and baring of teeth. Keep your own Zombie as a pet. Great fun, plus Carrie Ann Moss, mmm...
Sweeney Todd--a pretty film of a mediocre musical. Helena lacked the chops, but Johnny Depp really does look like Hyde when he sings.

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