Sunday, June 01, 2008

Duran Duran

Yes, went to see Duran Duran last Wednesday. My husband, alas, could not go as he came down with a terrible cold and so pretty much missed all of his vacation. In the grand scheme of things it's a very, very, very small tragedy, but like a papercut it seemed quite agonizing to both of us. The first we have not seen together since we met.

It was good, though not great. The crowd was smaller than the last time they played the same venue--perhaps because that was a Friday and this was a Wednesday. The opening act was rather like a mediocre Killers or The Bravery. There was no big screen--such a standard of concerts now. The best bit was towards the middle when they came down--the five, four original and one new--to the center of the stage and did a stripped down, remixed medley of "Last Chance on the Stairway," and "All She Wants Is," plus some extra bits.

Red Carpet Massacre and L'Arc's Kiss came out within a week of each other last year, and I disliked both on first listen. Red Carpet has grown on me--or parts of it have, but not my husband--but Kiss never has. Although they have done it in other shows, they did not play my two favorite songs. I was going to put them here, but eSnips seems to be cracking down on copyrighted material and I dare not jeopardize my standing as my demo tape is there and I've distributed marketing material around it. So I must send you to Amazon:
My two favorites are Box full o' Honey and She's Too Much. I've often found that Simon is best when he's writing about women--specific women or perhaps all women, the way that Sondheim always seems to have one song of gazing in wonder and confusion at women in every show.

In the program Nick Rhodes writes about the making of the album and the song that became the single, Falling Down. He said it always reminds him of his friend Izzy Bow who lost her grip on life.

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