Sunday, June 01, 2008

Time off

I was off from half day on Wednesday to today. It wasn't enough--especially with my poor husband sick and a variety of apts. that had to be taken care of, interviews, vet apt., dentist apt. But I did do some things--though never as much as one would like.

Two things I did finally take care of. I retrieved a box of props from the woman I did the one woman show with and I framed my father's flag. The flag thing wasn't something I was dreading--the proverbial, "Now, he's finally gone," thing. I know he's gone. I've known for 10 years, thank you. I just couldn't decide which flag box to get. There were one's with room for the medals and some with rooms for the pictures and some more expensive, less expensive, etc. I finally got just the triangle--on sale. It's not the best quality, but it's better than being in a cardboard box. The pictures I have of him receiving the Bronze Star Medal wouldn't have fit in the other frames, and I don't actually have the medal, just the certificate. I remember seeing it as a child, along with his bars, but I don't know what's become of them. That would be something I hope to find when I go through my mother's things.

The other thing, getting the box of props, was harder. It seems to say that we will never do that show again.

I shortened some curtains badly. I washed $26 by accident, and made my old cream colored bathroom rug a really lovely pink by washing it with a burgundy chair cover. Not my finest hour.

Other than tidying and laundry I did not clean at all in the dusting, vacuuming, mopping sense. Take that "Should'ves" in my head!

I did not renew my license at the RMV which I actually should have done while I was off during the day. Oh, well.

I DID, however, clean my desk (thereby finding the RMV notice) and my in-box, which some of you benefited/suffered from. I've let my bookmarks get out of control, so I had things in my in-box that I didn't want to lose by just bookmarking them and never seeing them again, but couldn't decide how best to sort/save them. I've added some to the Fun Stuff links, including the Six Sentences Blog which is stories in six sentences and the blog of the guy who made the Creative Whack Pack which my father gave me when I went to college. Sidenote: one of the newsletters I get for work had a contest for stories in exactly 140 characters--the link of a twitter post. I've stored some others in a folder. And some I passed on. I'm trying to do what I always advise people to do--if you haven't looked at it by now, then you probably never will. Let go. Move on.

Updated my resume... did some quick sewing projects. All-in-all, probably a B/B+ as my old behavioral therapist used to encourage.

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