Saturday, March 03, 2007

The computer wars or how my husband tossed my cookies

Sharing computers is a fine art. We share the desktop at home and I have my own laptop, but no connection unless I steal wi-fi. I can customize my laptop to my heart's content. I generally go along with the desktop issues. For instance he made me a tiny Hyde icon for my folders, but I was warned that if I ever changed the wallpaper or screensaver to anything L'Arc or Hyde related he would remove every last piece of L or H related information from the computer. O_o

My husband is sort of a techie-light. He's self taught, but most of the techies I know are. He knows quite a lot more than I do mainly because he does the research, and like most techies I know he's unhappy with the general out of the box specs. He doesn't use IExplorer he uses Maxthon. He tried to convert me to Open Office rather than windows, but I couldn't do that since nobody else could open files I sent them. So we end up with two of everything on our computer.

Last week we had some computer problems which are still unresolved. He borrowed my laptop to try and do some research. I've been using my laptop at work, because my work IT person is worse than useless. I'm not kidding. Her solution for everything is to reinstall the operating system. So all the computers she gave me were set up for networks even though our office wasn't set up for networks and would crash looking for the network. I ended up bringing my own laptop to work when I thought we were moving in a few weeks. That was in December. We moved today. Anyway, my husband used my computer and the next day I got to work only to discover that all of my cookies and internet history were gone. Since I didn't want to clutter my computer with things I was going to have to take off I'd been depending on cookies and history to find frequently used websites. I was a little peeved.

Monday I get to find out if my computer at work will actually not crash every 20 minutes. But I won't get to customize it.

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