Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm tired, I'm sorry

It's all caught up with me. I worked out tonight for the first time in some time. It's freezing in my apartment because some doofus who works for my landlord flipped off our heat at some point during the day and it was only turned back on about 7pm. I'm just tired. I refer you to Matt's brief frightening blog, David's interesting choices on an upcoming Geek event, and Mirror's comments on hypocrisy. Still not sure what to make of Neil Gaiman's upcoming movie (well, movie of his book) Stardust, and Whedonism's random quote generator had one of my favorite quotes from Firefly--He's putting the hair away now. TTFN.


YS said...

Comments! Great.

Last night was a bad night to not have heat.

Novel said...

Comments--yeah, I'd forgotten to turn them back on when I changed the layout. I wondered why no one was commenting. D'Oh!