Monday, March 05, 2007

One of those "And this was my day" posts

So we are in our new office--good things, bad things. On a server now, which objects to so no more spur of the moment posts in the middle of the day unless I develop a better system for mobile blogging. Of course I can write something down in the middle of the day, "They may control my Internet, but they'll never control my mind!" At least now I can clean all the work related crap off of my own laptop.

I'm right under a fluorescent light which I hate. We were kidding about my adding a curtain across the opening of my cube and I said I needed a canopy. I'm wondering what they'll do if I actually put one up tomorrow. One of my bosses brought lamps into her space and isn't turning on the overhead light at all.

I still have to put the file room in order--really dreading that. Prob. Friday. No profound thoughts here, sorry.

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