Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am back on my main desktop! My husband bought another drive and set it up and is planning to make the first drive (the one with OS problems) a slave to this new one and in theory keep the programs on one and the files on the other. In theory this all makes sense but I'm glad I don't have to do it. For the moment, he just got this set up tonight and we don't have our settings in it yet, so everything looks funny and we haven't downloaded the Japanese lang. pack so sites I go to aren't reading yet, but at least it's very fast and the sound is back and hopefully the burner will work better than it was which sort of started this whole thing. The only other thing is that all of my files are on the unconnected drive for the moment which sort of makes me sad and worried, which is silly since I don't need them tonight, or even tomorrow and anything I'd really want to work on I'm carrying around on a USB drive or on the laptop, but still it's just a weird feeling that it's ALL GONE!

This is rather an exciting week in computers. B got her old computer working (I didn't ask how) so can now spend her nights in a L'Arc stupor in her room. I got my work computer synching with one of my bosses computers at work through a shared file (best we could do with the network we have), and loaded new form filling soft wear w/out glitches. Could things be looking up?

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