Friday, April 06, 2007

Adding to the discipline list

David's blog often (or recently) deals a lot with being disciplined, how we work, how we work better, how he works, etc. As I said, I'm trying to reconcile both the blogging every night and the going to bed at a decent hour. Added to that I just got a water-pik which adds about 5-10 minutes to my nightly ablutions (I used it tonight--my tongue went so numb it felt like I'd lost all my teeth--very surreal). As we age we have more and more to do it seems just to stay where we are (very Red Queen). I was thinking I should set time limits for myself on being on-line. Like tonight, I was going to blog until 11:30, watch Basilisk, go to bed, yet here I am (at 12:10) because after hunting down links and putting things together, it was time for Basilisk, so I saved as draft and now am posting after midnight, and yes, it's the weekend, and I can sleep in and all I HAVE to do tomorrow is meet friends in town, but if one is disciplined, one is disciplined even on the weekends and having a set bedtime is one of the keystones of a productive life, yada, yada.


If I don't drive around the park,
I'm pretty sure to make my mark.
If I'm in bed each night by ten,
I may get back my looks again,
If I abstain from fun and such,
I'll probably amount to much,
But I shall stay the way I am,
Because I do not give a damn.

~Dorothy Parker

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