Saturday, April 21, 2007


Nearly a week without posting and my discipline lagged some. Well, it was a screwy week, what with the rain and all and my husband sick. Next week could be weird too as I'm going out of town.

Some of the people I added on the side bar: Margina Dennis was the make-up artist on a show for which I designed costumes a few years ago. A very cool lady who is doing very well for herself.

Fashion Musings is a woman I found through her blog and hope to meet face-to-face soon as she has a career I admire.

Writing Life x3 is the author of a play for which I designed sets and costumes two years ago. Interestingly you can see pictures of this show on the site.

Gahhh...for some reason Blogger will NOT let me change the order so that I keep to the time line. Will try to modify another time.

In the people I don't know section--Dress A Day I found while I was trying to do A Hat a Day, Mother-Tongue Annoyances was referenced somewhere, and 20 Sided was sent to me because of his on-going section DM (Dungeon Master) of the Rings--The Lord of the Rings saga (as shot by Peter Jackson) with notes as though a DM made it up. Very funny--I stayed because he's also a Serenity fan.

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