Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ha, Ha, now I'm ahead!

Follow up. I did not use the exercise videos, but I swam every night and tried the gym once (thus using shoes and one of the outfits). I could have worn the flip flops as slippers but the slippers roll up like socks so no big loss of space. I am about half way through Moby Dick and they have finally seen the whale. I watched the film, but not the L'Arc video (Collateral--good film, but unfortunately being set entirely at night it was a bit dark to watch on a laptop). I had motion sickness on the way down and could not work on the Games magazine, but did some on the way back. Looked at the writing and modified one word choice--woohoo, Trollope I ain't. Never touched the Blackberry and listened to 3 songs on the mp3 player. Used the phone a lot. Used the wifi, but as stated below, did not blog just checked others' blogs. Other people brought far more shoes than I--a different pair of pumps everyday. I was able to pack most of the massive chunk of paper they gave us and still get all of my clothes in. If you can still shut the suitcase it's not too much, right? I wish I could have listened to music, read and/or watched the L'Arc video on the way back, but I was with the other women and felt obliged to be entertaining.

Observation: Susan recently posted about comparing ourselves to other women--specifically the women our men once dated and/or slept with. As women we compare and compare. Some of my first thoughts on Tuesday were: I am not the oldest or the fatest, but I'm not the youngest or the thinnest (objective). I am not the ugliest or the prettiest (subjective). Later: I'm probably the best educated (objective) and I may well be the smartest (somewhat subjective). I certainly did the best on the trivia test. I'm definitely NOT the most confident (with or without reason), but I'm also not the most arrogant. Not sure what that adds up to at all.

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