Friday, April 06, 2007

After the self-pitying that was yesterday...

Decided it's time for a little more fun. Susan (I use her name because she has it on the blog) sent me the link to her new post which I have added to the sidebar. Being neither single now, nor ever a veteran of serial monogamy I have little to say, but she was nice enough to add me to her blog so I will do the same--reciprocity. I've only ever had two boyfriends in my life and maybe four serious crushes--two on real people (that is people who were near me and might or might not have been interested back) and two on celebrities.

Also heard an old song I like that seemed fitting:

88 Lines About 44 Women, of course I heard it on the radio, so as the commentary says, much was lost to the FCC.

Susan's blog was interesting to me because it's premise--that you can meet several right people in your life and have a good time with them for a bit--is sort of the yang to my post on my husband and choosing, after the hormones die down, that you will make the hearts and flowers happen. Of course, I did want to add that there are some people you should run from--you cannot single handedly save or even maintain a relationship. The other person has to agree too. Learned that from a very dear friend who does not have a blog.

(In case you are wondering--I list friends in the order in which I met them. Red Queen I met in college, Mirror in about 2002/2003, David I met through Red Queen, Musing through Hyde love, Susan I met in 2005, and Matt I met on Musing's board--6 degrees).

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