Sunday, April 29, 2007


Of course, I can fill the numbers by cheating a little by making this a separate post.

More things have happened regarding Mike Daisey. He writes about it on his blog and Mirror discusses the ripples in the blogosphere. In short: it was a public high school, not a Christian one as first believed, although some members identified themselves as Christian on the way out the door. The school apologized. Mike contacted both the school and the individual. It was an interesting discussion apparently. Unfortunately, truth (to paraphrase Babylon 5 and probably something older) is a three edged sword--my side, your side and the truth. Is Mike misinterpreting the tone of the vandal when the vandal says the word "liberal" for instance. But I think we have all heard other people use perfectly ordinary words as insults, and if we examine ourselves we have done the same.

Also interesting is the blogosphere's reaction which ranges from the belief that this was on a par with stabbing a painting in a museum to the belief that it's all a tempest in a cup of tea.

I could really cheat by posting, say one word per post, but I have no desire to be that fake. I have a lot of posts in draft form and in my head. Let's see how close I come.

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