Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I had a dream over the weekend that I ran into someone I used to work with and was complaining about my job and he said that when he was stressed he joined merchant shipping vessels for a three month tour. The pay was good and it was only three months. So he and I went down and somehow he was turned away (maybe don't ask, don't tell?) but I was taken (even though I'd be lucky if I could carry 50 pounds a foot) and I had a half an hour to go home (and it was close to my home) throw some t-shirts and scrubs into a bag, tell my husband I'd wire him money for the rent and I'd be home in 3 months.

Now the weird thing is that I could see my old co-worker doing something this bizarre. He was always jumping on schemes. But me?

Do I really want to leave my job that much?

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