Saturday, February 02, 2008

So I was missing some books...

My husband is going to have a drawing room of his own in this new place and so many, many books will be stashed there. He hasn't finished upacking/sorting them. So I realized I was missing a few of mine and since he wasn't going to be finishing his part anytime soon I took a look at all the boxes...

AND found all kinds of books of mine/ours that are supposed to fit in bookshelves that I have carefully ordered to fit the books I had!!!!

I was most annoyed and asked why he can be so organized and logical at work and not at home. Because he opened all of these boxes and didn't give me mine even though I asked him to pull out all of mine. And we're talking things that are clearly mine like books on sewing and cross-stitch, not things that were open for debate like children's and reference.

It's a question we've touched on many times in the past. I also know that I am more focussed at work and would never say waste an hour playing a video game or blogging before starting--because people are watching and because I have set goals and deadlines.

So why don't I do that for myself at home. Or why doesn't he? I will say that when I do a project at home I do it completely and with efficiency which he doesn't seem to be able to do.

I just got a set of Dilbert magnets and one from Dogbert was, "Dance like your in pain, love like you need money, and work like people are watching." I'd go with that.

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