Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm back. Did anyone miss me?

Sorry, sorry, gomen, je m'excuse, etc.

I had 264 posts for last year. 101 off of perfect.

Now I'm 30 off for this year. I've decided to try for 3 per week. I read a whole bunch of other people's posts about setting realistic expectations.

I added a new link under Cool Famous. He's not really famous, per say. He created my new favorite cartoon, Chowder, and voices one of the funniest characters, Fred Fredberger, on another of my all time fav. cartoons.

Wicked busy at work. (Yes, I've been in Boston too long).

I also wanted to get my house in order before I started taking time out to blog, but I found I still had time for video I should have time to write, right? I think the house will be set after this weekend--saying I keep my husband motivated as well. Or as near as d@!nit (ha ha, the computer wants that to be an email addresss, wish it was!).

I have head blogs about a lot of movies we've watched and books I've read. Some will be interesting to some people and not others. Some will be interesting to no one but me. Interestingly I had someone respond to my post on Paprika from last year, which was pretty neat, so these are my drops in the ocean. Will they ever again touch someone else's skin?

Having a housewarming at the end of the month. First party I've given in years. I've very excited. Hopefully people will come. There's nothing that makes you feel more like a loser than having one or two people come to a party. I can invite the one or two anytime. I WANT A PARTY with conversation and silliness combined.

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